Build a Successful Business Based on the Joy of Giving

E. EXCEL is all about sharing. Dr. Jau-Fei Chen founded E. EXCEL on her dream of sharing the gift of health and the knowledge of Nutritional Immunology with the world. Her dream is gaining reality through E. Excellers who share her dream with people around the world. They have an incredible purpose:  to bring better health and a richer life to others.

During the holiday season, this vision of sharing with others takes on greater meaning as we share and give to the E. EXCEL community at large. This year, E. EXCEL is giving to families at our favorite school, Sandy Elementary in Sandy, Utah. Our employees are gathering toys, clothing, and other items to help bring a wonderful holiday for those children and their families who otherwise might not be able to enjoy the holiday season. The joy of giving inspires us as we share our prosperity with them.

E. Excellers in North America experience the joy of giving every day as they share better health and a richer life with others. It is a special experience to be able to build a thriving, successful business based on the joy of giving. It warms the heart and creates incredible friendships. It brings people together to enjoy a richer life with friends and family members. It supports a lifestyle to which many aspire. E. Excellers show others what they can achieve in this life, and grow with each other and the joy of giving.

May your holidays this season be joyous, peaceful, and prosperous!