Taste the Richer Life with Exciting Vacations AND a Growing E. EXCEL Business!

E. EXCEL just announced a new travel incentive contest that not only rewards winners with an exciting vacation in the Mayan Riviera; it’s also a great boost for E. Excellers looking to grow their business. When you go ALL IN and commit to win this fantastic new contest, you’ll grow your E. EXCEL business by adding new, committed team members and increase your bottom line with greater sales volume. E. EXCEL leaders understand this great benefit and support incentive contests whole-heartedly. 

Jade Master Shu Chun (Emily) Hsu from New York states it eloquently and succinctly when she says, "Winning contests is always my goal. The purpose of contests is expanding and growing my E. EXCEL business. The biggest reward is that I did it!"  

"I appreciate the contest trips the company offers, because they help me increase my confidence,” agrees Diamond Master May De Min Dong, also from New York. “On every trip I win, I see my E. EXCEL business and myself growing. I feel like I must win every trip and bring more of my team members with me!" 

For some E. Excellers, simply participating in the contest and increasing their business is reward enough, but E. EXCEL has more in store! At the end of each contest you’ll get a taste of the richer life with a fabulous E. EXCEL vacation, which could take you to any corner of the world! The luxury and attention to detail that E. EXCEL lavishes on contest winners is legendary! Past winners have experienced everything from the thrill of arriving at Disney World in stretch limousines, to luxury hotels next to castles with some of the best views in the heart of Europe. Every trip we take has new and exciting surprises!

Diamond Master Roy Tighe Parker from Ontario, Canada shares, "Many people work very hard all their lives and their only reward is a pat on the back. There are no gold watches any more. With E. EXCEL, and that same hard work, you get the equivalent of a gold watch every year, going to places you might never have visited otherwise. Just wonderful!" 

Yes, it is wonderful! There is nothing like joining E. EXCEL on an expedition to exotic locales in sumptuous surroundings! And when your vacation is over, the rich rewards of E. EXCEL continue with a stronger business that has limitless potential for growth and success.

It’s not too late to go ALL IN and commit to win a fabulous E. EXCEL vacation to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. Visit the ALL IN website  for all the details. If you’re not an E. EXCEL Distributor yet, contact us today!