Welcome E. EXCEL’s best business tool yet – EVO: E. EXCEL’s Virtual Office

E. EXCEL’s commitment to excellence means always striving to provide Distributors with the best products, customer service, and business tools to succeed. When your business grows your needs change and we’re working to meet the needs of Distributors at all stages of growth. We’re proud to announce that we’ll soon be unveiling the E. EXCEL Virtual Office (EVO)!

EVO will have many tools to help you run your business more efficiently. Take a look below to see what you can expect!

Qualifications Module

The Qualifications Module lets you see how close you are to advancing to your next rank. This at-a- glance tool will allow you to see exactly what metrics you need to meet to move up in the E. EXCEL rankings. Here you’ll also be able to see who your sponsor is, how to contact them, and your most recent orders. If you need extra coaching or advice you’ll know exactly where to turn. Want to know what your Personal Volumes have been? Now you know exactly where to go!

Information Center

Your Information Center contains several options, such as the Message Center, where you’ll receive direct messages from E. EXCEL North America’s corporate offices in Sandy, UT, and those in your organization.  If that’s not enough, you’ll also find important information to share with your team members in the Library and Multimedia Library here. A wealth of information like PowerPoint presentations and product information FAQs are housed in this easy-to-find location.

Key Measures Module

The Key Measures Module is an at-a-glance tool to help you understand your organization. Here you’ll see your Personal Sponsoring, Personal Referring Sponsor, Organizational Volume, and new COEs. Combined with the Qualifications Module it’ll be easy to understand your group and what you need to do to continue growing. The Key Measures module also shows you valuable reports like your PGQV report, PQV report, and your Sponsoring report. This information is invaluable, especially during contests like the current Heart of Europe travel incentive contest.

In addition to these modules, we’re happy to report that we’ve also made ordering and sponsoring new members fast and more efficient. We’re glad to provide such stellar tools to Distributors and can’t wait to roll them out to you. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and the E. EXCEL Blog to find out what other new features will be available to you and when you can expect to see them.

Ashton Levier