Rejoice in better health every day with E. EXCEL

Silver Master Yu Wu found E. EXCEL after trying products that made her health worse instead of better. Read her amazing journey and then tell us what makes you rejoice about E. EXCEL!

 I always thought I was taking good care of my skin. I’d hear about a skincare product that smoothed and whitened and I’d run out and buy it. Unfortunately, I soon learned that a lot of skincare products contain loads of chemicals and can harm the skin instead of making it better. When I discovered this I kept looking for an answer and ignorantly thought if I just ate collagen I would be able to maintain my youth and beauty. Again I learned that this actually did more harm than good.

Today there are so many health products on the market it’s hard to tell which ones are actually beneficial. Before I learned about E. EXCEL I had a few concerning health issues. I began looking for answers and luckily I met Cheng Wen through my friend Qiu Ying. She quickly taught me about Nutritional Immunology and the importance of the immune system. I learned so many health issues are due to weakened immune systems that allow them to thrive. I knew it was time to protect my immune system.

 I started using E. EXCEL products and was immediately grateful for being introduced to them. My health issues seemed to improve and my hair looked thicker. Because of my success I recommended E. EXCEL products to my mother and in only a few short weeks her sleep quality improved.

If I hadn’t found E. EXCEL I never would have known that our immune systems are the best doctors for us. Every day I rejoice that I found E. EXCEL’s unique, amazing products and learned about the tenets of Nutritional Immunology. Balanced nutrition, adequate sleep, exercise, and a happy outlook on life are all you need to be healthy! These four simple steps are the best way to care for your life, so what are you all waiting for? If you want to be young, beautiful, happy, and healthy – let’s learn Nutritional Immunology together!

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