New Millennium packaging – same amount, same price, more benefits!

E. EXCEL is excited to announce a brand new look for Millennium®. When striving for excellence, we always look for new and inventive ways to provide our customers with the best products made from the freshest wholefood ingredients. E. EXCEL’s new Millennium package provides exactly that. Now all the delicious antioxidant-rich properties of Millennium will arrive at your door in five 6.8 oz. containers for your convenience. These new, high-tech cartons feature five layers that protect the precious contents from leakage and impurities. See what other features the new Millennium packaging offers below.


Individual cartons of Millennium will allow you to keep your favorite E. EXCEL Signature beverage fresher, longer. You’ll only need to open one at a time, thus preserving the freshness of your supply. You’ll never have to worry about quickly using an open container or the freshness of an already open package again! 

Re-sealable, portable cartons 

Each container is re-sealable making it easier to take it on the go. This grab-and-go convenience means whether you want to enjoy a serving of Millennium at home, your desk, or the gym, you’ll never have to worry about transporting just the right amount. This ideally sized container is perfect for road trips or anywhere else you go in your busy life.

Have you been brainstorming new ways to introduce your friends and family to E. EXCEL? Now you have the perfect chance with smaller sizes to give as samples.  Our award-winning Millennium in these convenient new cartons will be available soon. You won’t want to miss your opportunity to be one of the first E. Excellers to get your hands on this brand new innovation!