Sow seeds of health, reap fabulous rewards

Registration for the 1-SHAPE 8-Week Challenge is halfway over and we’re excited to have so many excited participants sign up for this year’s challenge. The delicious nutrition of 1-SHAPE™ and 1-SHAPE™ Lite can help you achieve your weight management goals in a healthy, sustainable way. If that’s not enough motivation for you, the winners of this year’s contest will walk away with some fabulous prizes.

Each person who purchases their favorite 1-SHAPE promo pack will receive an E. EXCEL blender bottle to blend 1-SHAPE with your favorite beverage, as well as a pedometer to help you track your daily steps towards fitness.


Fifth Prize:

As a reminder of the goals you’ve made and reached for during the 1-SHAPE 8-Week Challenge each participant who loses at least three pounds will receive an exclusive E. EXCEL keychain. This little reminder will help you stay focused and meet your goals!



Fourth Prize:

To help you continue the progress you start during the 1-SHAPE Challenge, four lucky E. Excellers will receive an exclusive E. EXCEL Ogio gym bag, as well as an additional month’s supply of 1-SHAPE or 1-SHAPE Lite.



Third Prize:

The four cornerstones of Nutritional Immunology are eat well, exercise regularly, sleep well, and keep a positive attitude. Three participants will finish the challenge with the perfect tools to help them manage all four cornerstones. 1-SHAPE will already have these winners on their way to eating well, but they’ll also walk away with a FitBit fitness wristband and a $100 E. EXCEL product voucher. The FitBit helps you track activities like steps taken, distance walked, and calories burned throughout your day. It also helps to manage your sleep and helps wake you gently with a silent alarm. And with $100 worth of E. EXCEL products, it won’t be hard to keep your attitude positive.

Second Prize:

E. EXCEL offers an exclusive opportunity to own your business and stay healthy. The 1-SHAPE Challenge offers you the unique chance to get fit and for two extremely lucky E. EXCEL Distributors to win a slimmer waist and to walk away with a coveted Apple Watch! This latest release in Apple accessories allows you to keep track of your fitness goals, wirelessly communicates with your favorite apps on your iPhone, shows your alerts on your wrist, and all in a stylish, sleek watch. If that’s not enough to garner the envy of your friends, these winners will also receive a $250 E. EXCEL product voucher!

First Prize:

Hard work really pays off when you complete the 1-SHAPE Challenge.  The person who achieves the best results during the 1-SHAPE Challenge will receive a $500 E. EXCEL product voucher and a 32GB iPad Mini! $500 worth of E. EXCEL products will be more than enough to stock up on your favorite products. Have you wanted to provide samples to newcomers to your group? With that much product you’ll have more than enough, and your iPad mini has all the tools to help you stay connected and keep your business organized.