Last week to register for the 1-SHAPE 8-Week Challenge – reach your goals, achieve more


Over the years the 1-SHAPE Challenge has helped E. Excellers across North America get started on their weight loss journeys. 1-SHAPE™ is an excellent tool to help you reach your weight management goals and the challenge helps you start incorporating the four cornerstones of Nutritional Immunology: eat healthy, exercise regularly, sleep well, and be happy, into your life.

The success of those who complete the challenge helps them stay motivated and keep the healthy new habits they’ve made a part of their lives. Last year’s second place winner Pearl Master Yang Hengwen got so much more than he bargained for when he finished the 2014 1-SHAPE Shape-Up. “When I started using 1-SHAPE for the contest I thought if I could lose ten pounds I’d be happy. I drank 1-SHAPE before meals and when I felt hungry between them. I felt energized the whole time and never experienced any negative impacts. In the end I lost 19 pounds with 1-SHAPE!”

What will happen when you take a chance and register for the 1-SHAPE 8-Week Challenge? Time is limited, so be sure to register for the 1-SHApe SHAPE 8-Week Challenge by May 1. You won’t want to miss your chance to take advantage of our special 1-SHAPE and 1-SHAPE Lite promotion packs that includes six boxes of your favorite 1-SHAPE products, an E. EXCEL blender bottle, and a pedometer.

You’ll get so much more than you expect when you work hard to reach your goals including a chance to win one of these fabulous prizes including a brand new, coveted Apple Watch to help you track your fitness progress and so much more!

Register now while you still have a chance to achieve your weight loss goals…and so much more!