Jade Ambassador Lucy Lu beautifies from the inside out

I’ve been a beautician for over ten years, but I’ve struggled with my own beauty, Even with having ten years of experience, I couldn’t manage to improve my own sensitive skin. I tried a lot of name brand skin care products, but none of them improvements my skin problems. I struggled with many issues when the seasons changed, everything from allergies that caused my face to itch to dry air from the heater in the winter and the air conditioning in the summer. The changing weather always made my allergies act up which cause me to be dehydrated. Witihout enough moisture I had very dry skin and soon spots and wrinkles became visible.

The skin problems on my face were always haunting me. Makeup couldn’t cover up my problems and I was self-conscious because everyone has a basis of their beauty, usually clean, clear skin. Your skin is your most beautiful clothing and if it’s bad, even wearing beautiful clothes can’t make up for that. Two years ago one of my customer, Emily who is now my Upline,  gratefully introduced me to E. EXCEL. She explained the benefits of Elemente skin care products which are all based in the Oxyginberry complex made of sixfantastic whole foods: ginseng fruit, cactus, grape seed, cactus fruit, seaweed. When she told me the products were gentle enough for pregnant women to use and the powerful antioxidants can whiten the skin and reduce wrinkles I knew these products were the best to apply to my face.

I created a set of Elemente products that were perfect for my needs: Hydrating Foaming Facial Wash, Oxyginberry Essence Hydrating Facial Serum, Oxyginberry Pearl Essence Moisturizer, Rose Essence Phytolift Intensive Face Cream, and Rose Essence Phytolift Firming Eye Cream. Over the next few months my skin slowly became less sensitive, I even noticed it was fine during my worst times – when the season changed! Even in these harsh times my skin didn’t suffer from allergic reactions caused by the dry, hot air from the heater in the winter. I no longer have to suffer through itchy skin, not even when I travel on planes.

E. EXCEL is always introducing new products that I love. The latest Elemente addition, Youth Rejuvenator Facial Moisturizer, gives amazing results in just 90 seconds. It makes my skin firmer and more fair and lustrous.  I’m so happy that I have finally have skin so beautiful that no matter what clothes I wear I always feel pretty and confident.  I don’t use makeup anymore and I don’t think I ever will again. My change has helped a lot of my friends and customers realize their dreams of a beautiful complexion

I also love that Elemente beauty products can help you take care of your body from head to toe. My favorite is the creamy, gentle hair conditioner. Of course, I take other E. EXCEL products that help me feel beautiful from the inside out as well as strengthen my immune system. I am so grateful for Dr. Chen’s wisdom, charity, attentiveness, and professionalism. As long as she continues her amazing work. we can all look forward to a healthier body and prettier skin!