Jade Master May Dong maintains her complexion with her Elemente beauty routine

Every girl wants to have a beautiful face, and I am no exception. Even though I was a beautician, I shared common concerns with most women. I was constantly worried that my T-zone was too oily. The T-zone is known for excessive secretion of oils on the nose and forehead which can lead to clogged pores, pimples, and blackheads that won’t stop coming. For me it was especially obvious on my nose when I applied cream foundation. My problem was so extreme that I went to the beauty parlor every two weeks to clean the acne and blackheads on my nose from the coarse pores.  I tried a lot of home remedies to clean pimples and blackheads from my nose. I even applied blackhead strips and scrubbed, but none of it helped.

When I joined E. EXCEL there was a meeting for Elemente skincare protection products. I attended this meeting and when it was over I had a much better understanding of my skin and how to protect it. I learned that Elemente beauty products are manufactured the Oxyginberry Complex that contains six natural plant ingredients that are great for all skin types. Every product has a very small molecular mass making them easily absorbed by the skin. The formulas are also very gentle, Hydrating Foaming Facial Wash is designed so perfectly that it completely washes my face while maintaining moisture and the pH balance of my face.

Now my Elemente skincare routine is complete with Hydrating Foaming Facial Wash, Oxyginberry Essence Hydrating Facial Serum, Rose Essence Phytolift Intensive Face Cream, and Rose Essence Phytolift Firming Eye Cream.  When I began routinely using the products every morning and night I discovered that my T-zone was a lot less oil. After another week my pimples and blemishes lessened too. After using the products for a little more than a month it improved acne problems I had had for years – everything from blackheads to my oily T-zone worries were suddenly gone! Elemente gave me the change I wanted and made my skin younger and more resilient.  Thank you Dr. Chen Jau-Fei!