Pearl Master Tiffany He finds a gentle solution with Elemente

People love to talk about their inherent beauty and how great their face and skin look without using any products. Ever since I can remember people have always said those things about my complexion, and I also thought the same.  The first time I applied products to my face was a winter day during middle school. I was influenced by my sister and in fact I was actually using her products behind her back. The worst part was that shortly after I applied the product I got a rash. I don’t know why it happened and I didn’t dare tell my family, but I realized that I shouldn’t randomly apply any product to my skin.

As I got older my skin would become uncomfortably dry in the winter. I heard that it was safe to apply children’s skin care products, so I started using a children’s facial cream. Inevitably my skin became red and itchy, and from then on I didn’t dare use any brand of skincare products.  At least not until I found E. EXCEL Elemente skincare products. When my Upline[?] [RANK] May Dong introduced me to the products  I told her my situation and she helped me realize I had sensitive skin. I was amazed when she explained to me that E. EXCEL’s products contain whole plant ingredients including rose, grape seed, Ginseng fruit, cactus, seaweed, and prickly pear. These six major ingredients make up E. EXCEL’s Oxyginberry Complex that are the basis of the Elemente line.

This gentle formula makes Elemente products suitable for all skin types. I was so excited because as May explained, women can have natural beauty, but after around the age of 25 if you don’t maintain your skin you’re on a downhill journey. Feeling more confident, I decided to give E. EXCEL’s Elemente products a try.  May recommended a few products that were for skin protection that included the six ingredient Oxyginberry complex as well as water hyacinth like Elemente Hydrating Foaming Facial Wash, Oxyginberry Essence Hydrating Facial Serum, and Oxyginberry Pearl Essence Moisturizer. In addition they also contain tangerine and pearl, help relieve allergic reactions, and maintain moisture.

After I understood my skin better and started using skin protection products, I also began using Hydrating Foaming Facial Wash to clean my face. I loved that after use my skin didn’t feel tight at all. I followed the facial wash with Oxyginberry Essence Hydrating Facial Serum and as soon as it hit my face I could feel it being absorbed by my skin right away. This simple routine made my skin felt brand new!

I experimented more and found another perfect addition to my skin care regime – Oxyginberry Pearl Essence Moisturizer. When I apply it, it’s extremely moist and just that extra boost to perfect skin that I need. I love that as a mother of three children I still hear people praise my complexion. I’m so grateful for E. EXCEL, I’m grateful for Dr. Jau-Fei Chen’s research that produced such great skin care products, and I’m also grateful that I know longer worry about my skin because May introduced me to the wonders of E. EXCEL!