Pearl Master Xiu Chen finds a solution in Elemente

I am an ordinary housewife, every day my job is to take care of household chores and to take my kids to and from school. My daily errands present a lot of opportunities to get sun and I noticed after a while that my face had gradually lost its luster. Suddenly, my face was oily and covered with acne, especially in my T-zone. I had experiences mild acne and skin problems for 10 years or so, but now they were much worse. I tried a lot of different methods to protect my skin including expensive name brands like Clinique and Decleor, but I didn’t see any results.  I gradually started losing confidence in my appearance and started feeling like an old, faded woman.

My life changed when one day my daughter’s classmate’s mom introduced me to a friend. She told me her beauty secret: she only used E. EXCEL’s Elemente products. I was amazed at her beautiful her skin was especially when she confided in me thatshe hadn’t gone to a beauty salon for a skin treatment in a very long time. She explained the benefits of E. EXCEL’s careful formulation and helped me choose Elemente products that suited my needs. When we were done she had helped me choose Oxyginberry Essence Hydrating Facial Serum, Rose Essence Phytolift Firming Eye Cream, Oxyginberry Pearl Essence Moisturizer, Hydrating Exfoliating Cream, and Revitalizing purifying Masque.

I wasn’t sure if Elemente products would be any different from all the other products I tried, but I was determined to diligently try and stick to a routine. I never though that miracles could actually happen, but after just one month of using Elemente products my skin had significantly improved. It felt dramatically less greasy and I had a lot less acne and brighter skin. My friends started to notice the improvement in my skin and all started asking for my secrets, and even my husband started to compliment my skin’s radiance. I was eager to share with others the miraculous strength of Elemente.  Now all of my friends and family have started using Elemente products. I am now full of confidence in my own appearance and no longer believe that I look like an old, faded woman. I know that it’s because of E. EXCEL’s Elemente beauty products that I am a beautiful, confident woman!