Sharing helped Pearl Master Mei Lin restore her confidence

Owning a clothing store has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember. I’m so happy and proud that I made my dream come true. I love my job because every day I get to see customers satisfied by the clothes I meticulously suggest for them. There is a saying: “A woman makes herself.”  But there is another important half to that thought: “Clothing is a woman’s second skin.” Owning a clothing store, I know that I already have a perfect second skin, but I often felt my first layer of skin was not the most beautiful part of me. This feeling bothered me for a long time, but I didn’t know how to fix it.

I am the mother of three children and I feel like I inadvertently let the years quietly leave traces on my face.  I started taking the proper steps to stop more damage and to erase what was there already by trying many different beauty products. I spent a lot of money trying to maintain my skin, but the results were barely satisfactory.  All that changed when one day I came across a life-changing customer, Jade Ambassador Lucy Lu. It felt unreal to me that she got satisfaction from the clothes in my shop as well as her “first layer of clothes” – that was the dream I had for so long!

I was so surprised at Lucy’s shining, radiant skin that I couldn’t help but ask her how she took care of it.  She told me her beauty secret was E. EXCEL and I was determined to give the products a try. I bought a set of E. EXCEL Elemente skin protection products that she recommended and for the first time I used them I knew something was different. At first I thought it might be a psychological effect, but I kept using the products. I was amazed by the effects of E. EXCEL’s products – the results were too good to be true. So many annoying skin problems I had improved so much – my wrinkles were significantly diluted, my skin tighter and more lustrous, and all of the spots on my face were gone.  I used to rely on makeup to cover these issues and the results were never that good.  Now I don’t need make up at all.  My skin is so much better that now all I need to do is put on light makeup and I’m good.  I’m very grateful for Dr. Chen’s wisdom for creating so many products that make so many women, including me, beautiful and restores their confidence.