Fantastic Results for the 1-SHAPE 8-Week Challenge 1st Prize Winner

E. EXCEL’s 1-SHAPE 8-Week Challenge is over, but the results participants achieved are here to stay! After consuming 1-SHAPE™ 2-3 times a day for the 8-week period, sleeping well, eating healthy meals, exercising regularly, and remaining positive, the winners of the challenge are extremely pleased with their results. Take a look at what 1st Place Winner Allen Huang had to say about his 1-SHAPE transformation:

“Because of the 1-SHAPE 8-Week Challenge I’ve gone from weighing 250 lbs. to around 235 lbs. I’ve lost a total of about 17 lbs. and five inches from my waist resulting in dropping two pant sizes! I look better, feel better, and I’m very happy with all the health improvements I’m seeing.

“In the past eight weeks I’ve experienced a dramatic body transformation, but it didn’t all happen at once. In the first 4-5 weeks I dropped a lot of weight because I was eating better, exercising, and using 1-SHAPE. However, in the last three weeks my weight loss slowed down, but I’m still currently losing inches off my waist and improving my body composition with exercise.

“When I gathered my photos to send in and placed them side by side I was blown away at how drastic my body transformation has been. I’m so happy with my results from completing the 1-SHAPE 8-Week Challenge!”

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