Working to better serve North American E. Excellers

E. EXCEL Customer Service Manager Shelley Tirado and her team work hard to serve North American E. Excellers. “We’re always looking at what we do, how we serve our Distributors, and how we can be of greater service to the E. EXCEL family as a whole,” explains Shelley. “We think we’ve come up with a great win-win situation with EVO!”

EVO (E. EXCEL’s Virtual Office) is E. EXCEL’s recently installed Distributor website. With a ton of new features, options, and business tools to help you stay on top of your E. EXCEL business, EVO is a substantial upgrade from what was previously available to our business builders.

“To make sure that as many people as possible understand the options available on EVO and how they can help build your business,” Shelley says, “Our Customer Service Team stands ready and willing to provide one-on-one EVO training over the phone to our Distributors—in Chinese or English. Just give us a call, and we’ll schedule an appointment time when we’ll call you! We believe this will be of tremendous benefit, especially to those E. Excellers who do not read and understand English that well. We can guide them through EVO in Chinese.”

But that’s not the only new initiative the Customer Service Team is taking on! They call it a Welcome Service, and they are personally calling each new E. EXCEL Distributor to welcome them to the company. “We’re really excited about this initiative,” exclaims Shelley. “We want every new E. Exceller to feel the spirit of the E. EXCEL family as soon as possible, and confirm for them that they made the right choice by joining E. EXCEL. We believe they have, and we’re happy they are here!”

So, if you are new to E. EXCEL and haven’t received your welcome call yet, you’ll be hearing that excited voice on the line soon. E. EXCEL’s Customer Service Team is on the job taking care of E. Excellers!