Dash4Cash Creating Incredible Excitement!

We’re in the final month of the summer Dash4Cash program, and E. Excellers are really excited about the fantastic opportunities this program creates—both for them as business owners and for their new E. Excellers!

Pearl Master Sarah Quach from Mississauga, ON said, “Unbelievable! This is a great prize! I could not believe it when I saw my name followed by my downline's name on the August Dash4Cash winner's list. I am so lucky, and I’m excited for my downline Chusa, too. What a good way to start and become an E. Exceller. As a referring sponsor, I am so excited! What a reward! So E. Excellers, don't wait, act now and you could be one of the winners, too!”

“I was so happy to hear that I was one of the Dash4Cash drawing winners!” said Pearl Master Jing Shi from Richmond Hill, ON. “It’s a big surprise for me. I really appreciated the company creating this amazing program. I am so lucky to know E. EXCEL and Nutritional Immunology. I will continue to share E. EXCEL and the science of Nutritional Immunology with more people, and let more people experience good health. This really made my day!”

Pearl Master Xiu Mei Ren from Flushing , NY echoed their sentiments. “I so appreciate this program from the company. It has made it easier for us to share and promote the products. I took my kids on vacation for Labor Day and when I got home, I received a call telling me I won the Dash4Cash drawing! I was very happy! I told my new downline who joined E. EXCEL last month, and he was even happier than me. With all the new distributors every month, he was amazed that he won!

“Already this month I have shared with another new downline member, so I am excited to see if I win again. I wonder if I will have another lucky reward?”

E. Excellers recognized and took advantage of the various opportunities to earn cash this summer, not just from the drawing, but by promoting the Dash4Cash packs as well, earning $350 for every one they sold, plus getting their names and their new COE members’ names in the monthly Dash4Cash drawings!

Jade Ambassador, Jian Hua Niu from Mississauga, ON, also a Dash4Cash winner, encouraged everyone to take advantage of this last month for the Dash4Cash program and work harder for their E. EXCEL business! “Thank you so much for this good news! The moment I found out I won was so exciting! I want to share with everyone how the company gave all of us an equal chance to win. The important thing is you’ve got to catch this chance, and use it to develop your market and make money! The Dash4Cash program gave us a chance to share product combinations that work together for individual issues. This gave both those friends who need the products and those of us who run an E. EXCEL business a very special opportunity. All E. Excellers need to work harder and continue to do better. There is not much time left, so don’t miss the last opportunity in September. The luckiest will be those who join this program!”

September is the last month of the Dash4Cash program! Get on the ball, and get in the drawing! Click here to learn more! 

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