Dancing to the E. EXCEL beat in the Heart of Europe!

E. Excellers were awed by the beauty, splendor, and history in Prague and Budapest in the Heart of Europe! Our group of 150 broke into four smaller groups for tours of both cities, eagerly taking snapshots of themselves and friends amidst these ancient cities. As Jade Master, Lisa Lin exclaimed, “This is the best trip EVER!”

She wasn’t the only one, either! Many of E. EXCEL’s travelers described the event as “magical,” “extra special,” and “perfect”! E. Excellers brought their own beat and exuberance to these ancient cities as well when they began dancing in one of the squares, and even the locals and other tourists got caught up in their enthusiasm! There’s nothing better than spreading joy wherever you go—and that’s E. EXCEL!

“I have traveled to hundreds of cities all over the world, and people often ask me what is my favorite one. I used to tell them Paris,” said Diamond Master, Roy Tighe Parker. “But that was because I hadn’t been to Budapest until this wonderful trip with E. EXCEL. I have loved it here so much that from now on when people ask me what my favorite city is, I’ll tell them Budapest. Thanks, E. EXCEL, for making this such a special, magical trip!”

The highlight of the trip was the Recognition Dinner and Event on board a Danube River cruise ship. With everyone dressed in their finest, enjoying the spectacular lights of the city from the river, it truly was an evening to remember! And the cameras were out to capture every moment of it, and bring those treasured memories home with them!

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