Your healthy New Year’s resolutions are in good hands with E. EXCEL and 1-SHAPE!

It’s barely a week into the New Year, and many people are already struggling with their resolutions! According to Statistic Brain Research Institution, the number one resolution last year was lose weight, and number five was staying fit and healthy. Unfortunately, the percentage of people who successfully achieve their resolutions is only 8%! If your New Year’s resolution is similar to the number one resolution, or even number five, E. EXCEL can help you be in that 8% of achievers!

Staying fit and healthy, and maintaining a healthy weight are excellent resolutions. E. EXCEL’s 1­SHAPE™ and 1­SHAPE™ Lite can help you maintain a healthy weight and help yourself stay fit and healthy when used with a sensible diet and exercise routine. 1-SHAPE combines psyllium husk (for fiber), soy (for protein), and American ginseng (for energy) with fruits and vegetables (for nutrition), creating a tasty beverage with only 70 calories per serving. Drinking one serving of 1-SHAPE half an hour before a meal helps curb your appetite at the meal by helping you feel fuller and, therefore, eat less.

1-SHAPE Lite contains the psyllium husk, soy, and American ginseng that 1-SHAPE does, but omits the fruits and vegetables. The effect remains the same when taken half an hour before a meal, but it contains fewer calories—only 60 per serving!

No matter which product you choose, your healthy New Year’s resolutions are in good hands with E. EXCEL and 1­SHAPE!