Iconic E. EXCEL expressions of LOVE

What happens when you take the iconic Pop Art image of LOVE by American artist Robert Indiana and combine it with E. EXCEL? You get an equally iconic expression of what E. Excellers feel about their E. EXCEL businesses!

February offered the perfect time for E. EXCEL to bring back the ever so popular LOVE E. EXCEL t-shirt, what with Valentine’s Day and February being American Heart Month. Printed in bold red on a neutral grey t-shirt, it’s appropriate wear for E. Excellers who truly do love E. EXCEL. During February, we’re running a special promotion for E. EXCEL Distributors, who can earn one or two of these t-shirts when they accomplish specific goals during the month. It’s going to be exciting to see who accepts the challenge and reaches their goal!

We hear so often from E. Excellers about how much they love E. EXCEL. Some for the better health it brings to them and their family members, and more from the richer life it can provide for every E. Exceller! Check out what they are saying about E. EXCEL in their own words.

“E. EXCEL, I gave my life to you and you changed my health, inside and out, and showed me how I can influence the people around me. I love you, E. EXCEL; you are a godsend!” Pearl Master Qi Tang, Toronto, ON

“It was my luck to encounter E. EXCEL. It not only improved my health, but benefited my family and friends as well. The more I do, the more I’m in love with my E. EXCEL business. I am achieving my dream one step at a time!” Gold Master Xiu Hua Ji, Scarborough, ON

“I found my dream with E. EXCEL. I came to America and realized hard work wasn’t everything. I needed to look up and find the right answer. I chose my E. EXCEL business, understanding NI and receiving health. I was determined to share with hundreds of people. I achieved a secure life, one step at a time.” Jade Master Emily Hsu, Flushing, NY

“I am very thankful to have joined the E. EXCEL family. I love being able to work with like-minded friends to achieve our dreams.” Jade Master Pei Pei Huang, Bayside, NY

“The E. EXCEL business is a large and secure platform that takes people flying to their dreams. I love E. EXCEL, not because I have my health, but because it helps others, and makes life richer and exciting.” Jade Master Hanbing Hong, Scarborough, ON

These E. Excellers and hundreds of thousands more around the world love E. EXCEL and love sharing E. EXCEL with others! Contact us to find out what it’s all about! 

Pearl Master Qi Tang

Pearl Master Qi Tang

Jade Master Hanbing Hong

Jade Master Hanbing Hong