Donations for the Greater Vancouver Food Bank

Thanks to E. Excellers’ generous participation in our Holiday Giving offer, E. EXCEL will donate to Greater Vancouver Food Bank in British Columbia. With our emphasis on healthy eating and Nutritional Immunology, any opportunity to help others eat better is always worth taking.

The Greater Vancouver Food Bank’s website states:  “The GVFB provides assistance to over 26,500 people weekly, 20% of our members are children, 19% are seniors. The needs of this community are met through multiple distribution locations, community kitchens, training workshops and partnerships with close to 100 community agencies located in Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, and North Vancouver.”

Their mission statement is “To empower people to nourish themselves by providing access to healthy food, education, and training,” which goes right along with E. EXCEL’s mission statement to share the gift of health and the knowledge of Nutritional Immunology with the world. Purchase a Holiday Giving pack and help us support this great organization. Sounds like a perfect giving opportunity!

Learn more:  Greater Vancouver Food Bank 

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