Good things come in threes!

This Holiday Season, E. EXCEL creates a fantastic opportunity for three incredible ways to give!

1.     Three Excellent Products in One Holiday Giving Pack

This pack contains three great E. EXCEL products—Nutrifresh® Strawberry, Vegecolor™, and Nutriall® Berry—that give you the opportunity to give 6 or more gifts to others! You get two boxes of each of these three products to mix and match individual packets, or give whole boxes to your family and friends.

2.     Three Gifts for You

When you purchase a Holiday Giving Pack, we’ll include 10 sheets of E. EXCEL wrapping paper, 10 E. EXCEL holiday greeting cards with envelopes, and a bottle of ACT™, as our gifts to you! We chose ACT to encourage you to ACT in support of those in your communities who may be in need this Holiday Season! Give to local food banks, volunteer to help out where needed, donate where you can to help others have a wonderful Holiday Season. Your hearts and spirits might also be lifted from the joy of giving during the Holidays!

3.     Three Charities Benefit

With the help of our Distributors, we’re giving $10 from the sale of each Holiday Giving Pack to three charities in Vancouver, New York, and Toronto! Support your local charity with your purchase of a Holiday Giving Pack! 

In the US, if you're not in the New York area, you can still help out! For those Holiday Giving Packs sold outside of the New York area, we will donate $10 to Feeding America, which supports local food banks across the United States.

Don’t let the holidays pass without taking advantage of this win-win-win opportunity from E. EXCEL! Click here for all the details on this program, which starts Wednesday, November 16 and runs through December 31, 2016.

Stay tuned for more information about the selected charities you can help support through this program!


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