Supporting the Mississauga Food Bank

E. EXCEL’s Holiday Giving pack is helping us provide donations to the Mississauga Food Bank. Mississauga is the 6th largest city in Canada. Located on Lake Ontario, right next to Toronto, Ontario, many emigrants to Canada reside in Mississauga, and are helped by this organization.

The Mississauga Food Bank’s websites states:  “Did you know that low wages and family breakup are the top 2 reasons why clients visit a food bank? Even when they have a job, many people just don’t earn enough to pay for basic living expenses. In fact, a staggering 182,000 people in our city live below the poverty line – over 100,000 of them children.”

Chris Hatch, founder of the Mississauga Food Bank, writes in his blog, “Each year when we evaluate the data and profiles of those who have used food banks in Mississauga, I’m again reminded of the heart-wrenching challenges so many of our neighbours face every day. Frighteningly low incomes, skyrocketing housing costs, escalating prices at the grocery store, lack of well-paying jobs; plus challenges like settling in a new country, health concerns, food restrictions and more.”

Being able to help feed people nutritious food is one of the primary reasons E. EXCEL was founded by Dr. Jau-Fei Chen nearly 30 years ago. We are pleased to have this opportunity to help those in need in Mississauga through our Holiday Giving program. You still have a chance to help with your purchase of a Holiday Giving Pack, now through December 31!

Learn more:  The Mississauga Food Bank

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