Surprises Abound at E. EXCEL My Choice My Future Conference!

The Chinese Cultural Centre Of Greater Toronto was a perfect setting for E. EXCEL's 2016 Conference My Choice My Future. It added a rich feeling to the event with an ambiance of China. Enthusiastic Excellers burst into applause when they heard about the new incentive trip destination - a cruise starting in Hong Kong with ports of call in Vietnam! Many Distributors were talking about it afterwards, already making plans on how they were going to earn it! 

Dr. Chen’s presentations were both informative and inspirational, and the audience was attentive to her words. Distributors especially enjoyed the opportunity to see two of Dr. Chen’s children in person, the first time many of them had seen her children. The Excellers were especially enthusiastic to the chance to applaud their own team members who had achieved new ranks this year, waving signs and taking lots of photos.

E. EXCEL's special guest, the E. EXCEL Swallow made his debut appearance at this conference and was a favorite of the crowd! He opened both sessions with his own version of the Jia Dance, accompanied by great dancers. During the afternoon session, he worked the crowd, hugging and high-fiving lucky Distributors! A lot of photos were taken with him after the show, and the handful of children who attended particularly enjoying that! 

The E. EXCEL Store was a popular place - Distributors placed orders at a discount, bought EE branded items, and chatted with EE staff. All in all, the E. EXCEL 2016 Conference brought a lot of surprises, fun and inspiration to the crowds of E. Excellers who attended!

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