Conference speakers share stories of inspiration, success

Eight E. Excellers shared their stories at the 2016 E. EXCEL conference—My Choice, My Future. Their stories illustrated the power that choices have and how choosing E. EXCEL can impact lives.

Diamond Master Priscilla Yang emceed the morning session. She opened the event by sharing her own E. EXCEL story, noting that she started taking E. EXCEL products because she wanted to feel better.

“It didn’t take long before people were asking me what I was doing,” she said. “I looked and felt better, and it showed! I started to share E. EXCEL with others, and then they started ordering products. I realized that E. EXCEL had given me the opportunity to choose much more than just better health.

“My whole life has changed because I chose to do more than take E. EXCEL products,” she continued. “I also share the E. EXCEL business opportunity. I love helping people enjoy the same richer life that I have.”

Following Priscilla, Jade Masters May Chen and Guang Yu told their story of immigrating from China. Although they were successful medical care professionals there, they chose to move to Canada because they believed they could find a better life for their family, including their daughter Melody.

“When we arrived here, we discovered that it was much harder than we had anticipated,” said Guang Yu. “We wanted to continue in our careers in the medical profession, and we were devastated to find out that our medical licenses and certifications in China were not recognized here!”

They thought about changing their careers, but they were committed to helping others live healthier lives, they didn’t want to do that. “When we learned about E. EXCEL, as medical professionals, we immediately recognized the value of the products,” said May Chen. “They were not quick-fix pills that provided temporary relief. They were made from high-quality natural ingredients and were designed to strengthen our immune systems.  We knew from our training, that our immune system was the key—keeping us healthy.”

May and Guang chose to build an E. EXCEL business and are now enjoying great success personally as well as continuing their commitment to helping people enjoy health and wellness.

Ambassador Jerry Lu talked about working 16-hour days as a taxi driver and restaurant owner to try to provide for his family. But because he was working so much, he was never able to spend time with those he loved. He chose E. EXCEL hoping to find success and have some control over his time. “I still work hard,” he said, “but now I’m working hard for me and my family. I go to sleep at night with my family. I attend important family events and activities. I don’t worry about money. Because of E. EXCEL, we are finally living the American dream. We are happy and our lives are rich! We couldn’t have done this without E. EXCEL!”

Jade Master Emily Hsu also worked long, long hours with little financial reward before she joined E. EXCEL. She had come to the United States hoping to earn money to send back to help her family in Taiwan; she quickly became discouraged and exhausted because she wasn’t able to help as much as she had hoped. Joining E. EXCEL, she began to see that she could achieve what she had wanted to.

“My dream when I came to America was small—help my family by earning money to send home,” she said. “With E. EXCEL, I dream even bigger than that now. In addition to helping my family, I own my own business. I travel the world. I set my own schedule. I enjoy financial security. And I help others live the same rich life that I am living! I know that with E. EXCEL I can accomplish whatever I want to.”

Ambassador Yaping Guo spoke in both the morning and afternoon sessions. A Ph.D. in radiobiology who was a specialist in nutrition and cancer research, Yaping was skeptical when he first heard about E. EXCEL. But after studying the products and having his own health restored because of the products, he joined E. EXCEL almost 20 years ago—and his life changed dramatically for the better.

“And what is so exciting about this business opportunity is that it is available to everyone,” he said. “You don’t have to be a scientist like me to enjoy a richer life with E. EXCEL. It doesn’t matter who or what you are—the only thing that matters is your desire.

“Together we can build something great,” he said. “We have amazing products and a unique opportunity. I know E. EXCEL changes lives, because it has changed mine! I drive a new car because of E. EXCEL. I live in a new house because of E. EXCEL. I am a perfect example of how choosing E. EXCEL can impact your lives and the lives of your children for generations to come. E. EXCEL is one of the best choices I have made in my life.”

In addition to Yaping, Diamond Master Susan Chan spoke during the afternoon session. She talked about immigrating from China as a teenager and building—then losing—several highly successful businesses. Today she owns a restaurant and two stores, but she is most excited about her E. EXCEL business.

“E. EXCEL offers me something my other businesses don’t,” she said. “The opportunity to work for my future. With my other businesses, if I don’t go to work every single day, I don’t make any money. I have to be right there all the time. With E. EXCEL, I can build a business that will provide for me as I get older. My goal is to retire in five years. With E. EXCEL, I can do that and still live a rich and full life!”

Pearl Master Lily Noble also shared her story in the afternoon session, talking about working her way up the corporate ladder to become a high-powered engineer. Unfortunately, she was laid off when her company had financial difficulties, and she was devastated! “I didn’t leave my house for three months,” she said.

However, she eventually realized that she could build an E. EXCEL career. “MY E. EXCEL choice has brought me time freedom to be with family and also growing financial benefits,” she said. “More importantly, I have found meaning in helping others. I am happier and feel that I now have true control over my future!”

Those in attendance were inspired by the stories from their fellow E. Excellers, and left the conference motivated to build their own businesses to a point where they, too, could share similar stories of success and hope. 

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