Dr. Chen’s presentation, E. Exceller stories inspire belief and action

Diamond Master Cheng Wen Zheng from New York brought 10 downline members to the 2016 My Choice, My Future conference in Toronto, ON, held Oct. 30. “They watched and listened and took it all in,” she said. “Every presenter had a unique story and shared in a different way, but each one touched us. My Downline left the conference inspired to take action and be more active in their E. EXCEL businesses. We were all motivated by what we saw and heard.”

The conference was especially memorable for Cheng Wen because she did more than simply attend. She participated as a Jia You dancer and then sang the E. EXCEL song with Jade Master Choong Ng to open the event. “Attending the conference is important for every E. Exceller,” she said, “and being able to participate in the conference is even better! I could feel the energy at this conference more than ever!”

Listening to Dr. Jau-Fei Chen speak was a conference highlight for all in attendance. During the morning session, Dr. Chen talked about the difference between average people and successful people.

“Dr. Chen’s presentation was my favorite part of the conference,” said Diamond Master Susan Chan, from New York. “She taught us how to be serious about our business. Because it doesn’t take a significant investment to start an E. EXCEL business, sometimes we don’t take it seriously. As I listened to Dr. Chen, I determined to focus more on my business and invest more time and energy into sharing E. EXCEL and Nutritional Immunology.”

The speakers reflected the theme of the event—My Choice, My Future—very well, observed Pearl Master Helen Marinis, from Toronto, ON. “I was moved by the courage E. Excellers showed by choosing E. EXCEL. I love helping people, especially when they feel hopeless and like they have no choices. There is nothing more motivating and fulfilling than to be able to put a smile back on a person’s face when they are feeling despair. Dr. Chen has done all the hard work by providing a superb line of products and endless opportunities. All I have to do is share with everyone I meet.”

Each conference presenter was exceptional, noted Jade Master Dave Mason, from Crescent Valley, BC, who said he especially enjoyed listening to Dr. Chen. “She is such a gifted and inspirational leader,” he said. “Her answers will help me answer questions from others.” Dave said the conference re-inspired him. “This has helped me understand why E. EXCEL is such a unique company.”

Listening to the presentations reminded Silver Master Dong Kang why she joined E. EXCEL in the first place. She said she had forgotten the dreams she had when she was young and attending the conference rejuvenated her. “E. EXCEL offers such a good opportunity for us to protect our health, build a business, and gain wealth,” she notes. “At the conference I saw very clearly the distance between average people and successful people. This distance is not determined by your education or your wealth, but by your mindset. If you want to become successful, you have to have a successful mindset. I realized that it’s not too late! Let’s move forward to make the dreams we have in our hearts and minds come true!”