E. Excellers can create their own destiny, says E. EXCEL founder

Inspiring E. Excellers to become successful in all aspects of their lives was the focus of E. EXCEL founder Dr. Jau-Fei Chen’s keynote presentation during the company’s annual conference held in Toronto, ON. “You can be successful,” she declared to the hundreds of E. EXCEL Distributors in attendance. “And that success will change your life.”

Dr. Chen shared stories from her own life as she talked about the key differences between average people and people who succeed at what they chose to do. Her stories included her decision to start E. EXCEL and her desire to help others enjoy disease-free lives.

In her remarks, Dr. Chen explained that successful people do the following:

  • Believe poverty is the root of all evil
  • Think about money logically
  • Believe in acquiring specific knowledge
  • Exchange their results for money
  • Have an action mentality
  • Follow their passion
  • Believe that you must try in order to succeed
  • Solve the problem
  • Use other people’s money
  • Are up for the challenge
  • Believe they must first take care of themselves so they can then help others
  • Dream of the future
  • Create their own destiny.

In the afternoon session, Dr. Chen spent more than an hour and a half answering questions from E. Excellers who were eager to learn from her and hear her vision for the company. “E. EXCEL is an educational company,” Dr. Chen explained. “We educate people about how to stay disease free—Nutritional Immunology—and we also provide them with a convenient way to use that education in their lives.”

Dr. Chen talked about the importance of preventing disease rather than just treating disease an illness. “It’s always better to not get ill in the first place,” she said. “Through Nutritional Immunology, you can give your body the nutrients it needs to stay healthy. Our bodies are made to fight illness and disease if we provide those nutrients. E. EXCEL provides those nutrients in a convenient way.”

The theme of the conference was “My Choice, My Future,” a topic that Dr. Chen noted was very appropriate because the choices people make do determine their futures. Her choice to create E. EXCEL almost 30 years ago had an incredible impact on her future, she noted. Her future vision for E. EXCEL includes the desire for E. Excellers to make choices that will impact their futures as well. “Together, we can continue to educate people about Nutritional Immunology and help them enjoy better health,” she said. “And as we do so, you can enjoy richer lives as well.”