Find plenty of EXTRAS with E. EXCEL

The E in E. EXCEL stands for EXTRA—E. EXCEL (Extra Excellence)—and we live up to our name! A generous compensation plan, incredibly effective products, and a fantastic opportunity to build your own business and be your own boss are just the start. But, it’s the EXTRAS that make E. EXCEL unique—and you’ll enjoy plenty of EE EXTRAS at E. EXCEL!

We’re talking about EXTRAS like money-saving monthly promotions on some of our most popular products, like Nutricardia®, EverNew®, POLY5®, Refresh™ Herbal Tea Beverage and more. Even our signature beverage, Millennium®, is offered at huge savings every October! And, we’re talking promotions that can give you up to a $156 value in a month! 

How about our EXTRA monthly Commission Volume promotions? The more you purchase in a given month, the more products you receive—absolutely free! At 300 CV (Commission Volume), you automatically receive a free product. Bump that up to 600 CV, and you’ll receive two free products, and at 900 CV we’ll send you three free products—and it keeps going from there! You can sell these freebies, give them away as samples, or use them as incentives for your team members. That’s a lot of EE EXTRAS for what you’re purchasing anyway!

If you join E. EXCEL as a Club of Excellence (COE) member, you’re in for a whole new batch of EE EXTRAS. To begin with, you get 10% off all E. EXCEL product purchases. You also get the COE Bonus program that gives you rebates on all your purchases during the first year as an active COE! Shipping discounts, your own personalized E. EXCEL website, and special Autoship options round out some of the EE EXTRAS COE members enjoy.

Watch for more about the EE EXTRAS, and how you can experience better health and a richer life as an E. Exceller! E. EXCEL is not just a business; it’s a lifestyle of health, prosperity, and plenty of EE EXTRAS!