March is Blooming with EE EXTRAS!

What makes E. EXCEL unique are the many EXTRAs we offer. We call them EE EXTRAS, and they’re designed to help Distributors grow their E. EXCEL businesses, especially this month! March heralds the coming spring, bursting with growth and blooming with possibilities. Distributors can take advantage of great EXTRA opportunities for growth from E. EXCEL in March! 

Our March is Blooming celebration offers E. Excellers amazing growth opportunities:

EXTRA Rewards for New E. Excellers!

We’ve upped the ante in March for new E. Exceller (with an Excelerator Pack purchase). They’ll get their first taste of the many EE EXTRAS to come with a complimentary box of Refresh™ Herbal Tea Beverage, one of our most popular products! It’s a little EXTRA incentive for Distributors to help turn that contact into a new E. Exceller, too!

EXTRA Rewards for Sponsors!

In March, Distributors who refer a new E. Exceller (with an Excelerator Pack purchase) also receive an EXTRA $25 on top of what their E. EXCEL business already brings! Sponsor more, earn more, and see the EXTRA rewards rolling in weekly! E. EXCEL gives Distributors a great opportunity to increase their earnings and grow their businesses, and March’s EE EXTRAS make it EXTRA rewarding!

EXTRA Rewards for E. Excellers Who are ALL IN!

March is Blooming also includes a little EXTRA something for ALL IN Contest VIPs. Travel incentive contests are some of our most spectacular EE EXTRAS, and this year E. Excellers who are ALL IN will win an all-expenses-paid vacation to the Mayan Riviera with their fellow E. Excellers. VIPs put their money where their mouth is and commit to winning this ultimate vacation! In March, E. EXCEL honors their commitment with an EXTRA opportunity to earn BONUS Points toward winning the contest for sponsoring new members! 

If you’re already an E. Exceller, click here for all the details about the EE EXTRAS you’ll enjoy with our March is Blooming celebration. And, if you’re ready to become an E. Exceller, click here to find out how you can join the E. EXCEL family and take advantage of EE EXTRAS and so much more!