Get on the fast track with the Earnings Express

E. EXCEL’s exciting new Earnings Express program puts you on the fast track to building your E. EXCEL business quickly with incredible rewards! Using three Earnings Express Packs that offer great ways to join E. EXCEL, sign up new COE members in your organization. As the referring sponsor, you earn an incredible $350 bonus for each Earnings Express Pack sold.

The Earnings Express Packs contain over $1,250 worth of products for only $1,000, and give your contacts great options getting their new E. EXCEL business off to a great start. Once they have joined E. EXCEL, they can start building with the Earnings Express Packs as well, and make money right away. It’s a great way to quickly build a profitable business from scratch, or just maximize your cash flow in an already prosperous E. EXCEL business.

The Earnings Express program is scheduled to start on May 1 and end on July 31, but we’re so excited about sharing this program with you, that we’re starting it early! Take advantage of an extra week of this opportunity for incredible earnings starting today!

For E. Excellers who want all the facts about the Earnings Express program and the available Earnings Express Packs, click here. If you’re interested in joining E. EXCEL, please contact us for more information.