Teamwork makes the dream work

 In case you didn’t know, some super cool people work at E. EXCEL! A bunch of them decided they wanted to take the 1-SHAPE Challenge just like our Distributors are doing, but they put a new twist on the Challenge and decided to do it as teams!

Four E. EXCEL teams are competing to see which one can become healthiest, fittest, and most fabulous - and weekly bragging rights!

E. EXCEL Challenge Team Rosters
Lighen Up Phun Team Mission Slimpossible Dwindling Divas

Liwei Qiu (C)
Dahlia Colindres
Steve Peck
Norma Estrada

Dan Jenkins (C)
Chuanli (Lily) Tang
Rolando Ortega
Cuilan Hong
Chrissa Garcia (C)
Luis Tirado
Liping Tian
Cherie Beal
Charity Rees (C)
Jennifer Kwan
Shelley Tirado
Linden Reeves

First bragging rights went to Team Mission Slimpossible, and believe me, they have been hooting and hollering about their win to anyone who will listen. Team member Cherie Beal from Business Development, who is incredibly competitive (but in a good way) said, “What motivates me is to prove to people who don’t think we can do it that we can. I’ve WANTED to lose a few pounds for a couple of years. And now I WILL lose a few pounds!” (We know, Cherie. No need to shout.)

Team Captain Chrissa Garcia in Customer Service added, “We show everyone how we do it by the results that we have! Staying positive and encouraging each other is what gets us through. Teamwork makes the dream work!” (Don’t tell Chrissa, but we’re ‘borrowing’ that slogan.)

Team Lighten Up, however, was equally pleased with their 4-pound loss for the first week. Recognition Coordinator and Team Captain Liwei Qiu indicated they are walking together on their lunch hour to a (relatively) near-by park for exercise, and “Oh my goodness,” she’s having a hard time keeping up! She did blame the loss of weekly bragging rights on Controller Steve Peck, who apparently forgot about ‘lightening up’ over the weekend and gained instead of losing. (Really, Steve?) But Liwei says “There’s always next week, and our team is primed to lose next week—and gain the bragging rights from those Slimpossible people!”

Lighten Up team member Dahlia Colindres in the Accounting Department doesn’t say much (numbers are her thing), but posted this image (there on the right) to give word to what she thinks about the 1-SHAPE Challenge.

Dwindling Divas Team Captain and Accounting Department mainstay Charity Rees says her team is “definitely dwindling”! She has been sending out daily motivational messages and healthy recipes to her team members, and Jennifer Kwan in Marketing said she really appreciates them as they keep her on track and focused. Meanwhile, Customer Service Manager Shelley Tirado is keeping everyone laughing (which we have been assured is great exercise!).

As for Team Phun Team, nothing has been heard from them yet, although we are sure they are doing Phun-tastic things to lose weight and will Phun-ally surge forward towards their goal!

We’ll keep you posted on how our Challengers are doing, if you keep us posted on how your Challenge is going! Drop us a line at We’d love to hear from you!