Teamwork: A Secret Weapon in Your Weight Loss Battle

When it comes to the battle of the bulge, teamwork may just be your secret weapon. Losing weight is quite obviously an individual effort. Nobody can do it for you; however, when several people work together on their individual efforts, you just can’t beat them! Teams have some great things going for them, like

  • Support:  Your teammates create an automatic support system for everyone on the team. Feeling down? Really want that brownie and need someone to talk you out of it? Call a teammate for some emotional support to get you through those tough times!
  • Exercise:  It’s more fun to exercise with others than it is to do it alone. Plus, you can do so many more things, like golf with your foursome, or sign up for a bowling league as a team.
  • Share:  Each member of your team can have a task that is theirs to share with the group. For example, one member can send out daily inspirational messages, another can find healthy, low-calorie recipes to share with the team, someone else can be in charge of exercise times and places. Getting each team member specifically involved in the team effort helps everyone win!
  • Commitment:  Realizing that others depend on you to follow through on your weight-loss commitment can keep you focused on the team’s goals, not just your own.

If you really want to lose weight, E. EXCEL’s 1-SHAPE Challenge is a great, healthy way to get started––and you can join as a team! Getting a group of like-minded friends to join you in the Challenge can make it more fun, more exciting, and more beneficial in the long run. You can register for the Challenge as a team or as an individual through June 4 when you purchase a special 1-SHAPE Challenge pack at a great low price. Choose from three Packs available through May 31 or while supplies last, so don’t wait!

(BTW, in case you were wondering how our E. EXCEL corporate teams are doing, we told you last week that we hadn’t heard from Team Phun Team yet, but this week, they took the bragging rights away from Team Mission Slimpossible! How Phun is that?)