“I never thought weight management was this easy!”

Since their introduction in 2009, 1-SHAPE and 1-SHAPE Lite have helped hundreds of thousands of people around the world manage their weight at healthy levels. Dr. Jau-Fei Chen developed these products with three things in mind:

1.     Eating enough protein helps keep cravings at bay.
Soy protein is a plant-based, complete protein, low in fat and cholesterol.

2.     Dieting often leads to a lack of energy.
American ginseng helps support healthy energy levels without stimulants.

3.     Fiber helps dieters feel full longer, and helps with digestion, which may suffer when dieting.
Psyllium husk is one of the best fiber sources available.

Dr. Chen chose soy, American ginseng, and psyllium fiber as the three main ingredients in 1-SHAPE and 1-SHAPE Lite to help support healthy weight—and people haven’t stopped talking about it since! Here are just a few of the responses E. EXCEL has received from those helped by 1-SHAPE and 1-SHAPE Lite.

1-SHAPE has enough protein and energy to last my body a whole day. I like it!
— Gold Master Danjuan Cai, Mississauga, ON
1-SHAPE is simple and convenient. It not only helps me control my weight, but also provides nutrition.
— Gold Master Zhi Liu, Flushing, NY
Before taking 1-SHAPE, I was already trying to lose weight by watching what I ate and exercising 2–3 times a week. Taking 1-SHAPE really sped up my weight loss process, however. I don’t feel bloated after taking 1-SHAPE; I feel much lighter. I recommend 1-SHAPE to others because it is an effective weight loss product that has no side effects. 1-SHAPE helps you lose weight quickly and safely. I know I will definitely reach my weight loss goal with 1-SHAPE. 1-SHAPE has helped me lose a total of 15 pounds, and counting!
— Gold Master Martin Bo Shi, Richmond Hill, ON
By taking 1-SHAPE before my lunch and dinner meals, it allows me to eat a smaller portion at each meal, thereby losing weight without starving!
— Distributor Luisa Del Rosario, Calgary, AB
I never thought weight management was this easy!
— Silver Master Fengbin Lu, Pompton Lakes, NJ
1-SHAPE is very easy to use. I use it just before every lunch and every dinner. To maximize the result, I exercise as much as possible also!
— Master Tina Ting Li, San Jose, CA
1-SHAPE Lite contains fiber, soy protein, and American ginseng to boost energy. It’s low in calories at 60 in each packet, and low in sugar. It’s the perfect weight manage product for me as a diabetic.
— Pearl Master Michelle Yong Mei Pang, Mississauga, ON
I like 1-SHAPE! It’s not only very convenient but also nutritious. When I’m too busy to eat while working, I can just take 1-SHAPE and rejuvenate my energy and nutrition.
— Gold Master Zhonghe Zuo, Flushing NY
1-SHAPE fits well into my personal weight loss schedule because I don’t have to change my regular diet. I only have to consume two delicious 1-SHAPE drinks per day. As a result, I naturally do not overeat because I feel satisfied. The high quality nutrition from 1-SHAPE gives me energy. The shape of my body becomes healthier and I feel healthier!
— Silver Master Peggy Ann Neufeld, Winlaw, BC
1-SHAPE changed my life completely! I used to crave meat and heavy foods, but after taking 1-SHAPE, I’m not that hungry anymore. Now, I crave lighter foods, such as vegetables and fruits. I lost a total of 14 pounds with 1-SHAPE. I used to be a size XXL. Today, I am a size L—and I’m still taking 1-SHAPE! I totally recommend 1-SHAPE to everyone who needs to lose the extra pounds.
— Jade Master Rena Fwee Hwa Leong, Flushing, NY

Through May, 1-SHAPE and 1-SHAPE Lite are available at a special price as we start our 1-SHAPE Challenge! You can order yours through May 31, and register for the Challenge by June 4! Imagine what you will gain when you lose! 1-SHAPE worked for these people; it can work for you, too.