1-SHAPE: A safe choice for a healthy weight

The reasons for losing weight seem to be as numerous as the people who want to lose weight! Some fad diet or quick weight loss scheme is always making the rounds on the internet and talk shows. Many urge you to cut out carbs, or fat, or protein, or stop eating this food all together, or eat lots of that food every day, or just take these pills. None of it is healthy.

E. EXCEL initiated the 1-SHAPE Challenge to support healthy weight loss without damaging your health with gimmicky, restrictive diets, or pills. Using 1-SHAPE™ and 1-SHAPE™ Lite provide a healthy alternative to dieting by supporting your body’s needs with fiber, protein, and energy to lose weight safely. The Challenge also urges you to exercise daily to burn those extra calories and take off accumulated fat. That’s how E. EXCEL’s 1-SHAPE Challenge works for you!

One of this year’s challengers, Distributor Hualing Qin, from Flushing, NY, explained her decision to try the challenge like this:  “The first time I drank 1-SHAPE, I thought the taste was great and it smelled lightly of fruit. I like it because the pack is very convenient, so you can have it anytime, and it nourishes your body. I wanted to join the 1-SHAPE Challenge, to build my immune system, and feel younger. Plus, with exercise, I can lose the weight I’ve gained over the winter and look good this summer.”

Challenger and Jade Master, Emily Shu Chun Hsu from Flushing, NY, feels strongly about the 1-SHAPE Challenge and recommends it to others. “Obesity brings a lot of disease, so controlling weight is very important. I motivate a lot of people to join the 1-SHAPE Challenge. It helps everyone look good and have good health.”

Because 1-SHAPE is a safe choice to lose weight when used as directed, children can also use 1-SHAPE. Pearl Master, Tracy Lin’s son, 11-year-old Vincent Chen is in 6th grade, and is participating in the 1-SHAPE Challenge as part of the XiuyuRen team. He says, “What made me want to enter the 1-SHAPE Challenge is because I noticed I needed to lose some weight. I started to control myself, and I became a vegetarian. The 1-SHAPE Challenge helped me lose five pounds and five inches off my waist so far.” And we’re guessing the prospect of winning an Apple watch helped as well!

In Bayside, NY, Jade Master Pei Pei Huang, was excited to see the 1-SHAPE Challenge start this year. She told us, “Thank you, E. EXCEL, for this program! I want this! I’m going to take on the 1-SHAPE Challenge! I will exercise every day and drink E. EXCEL products that have no cholesterol and are not energy drinks! One stick pack of 1-SHAPE only has 70 calories. My goal is to lose 20 pounds in 2 months. Let’s go!” With that kind of energy, we’re sure Pei Pei will reach her goal!

No matter your reason for wanting to control your weight, 1-SHAPE and 1-SHAPE Lite can help you achieve your goals safely, without gimmicks, restrictions, or pills.

Update on the E. EXCEL Challenge Teams

E. EXCEL’s 16 employees participating in the 1-SHAPE Challenge have lost a combined 103 pounds! Liwei Qiu joked that was enough to lose one whole Jennifer Kwan, but E. EXCEL just wouldn’t be the same without Jennifer, so we’re keeping her! Here’s how our teams have done over the last seven weeks.

Week 1:  Mission Slim Possible took the lead with a total of 14 pounds lost.
Week 2:  Phun Team lost 11 pounds for the lead this week.
Week 3:  Mission Slim Possible roared back with a 10-pound loss.
Week 4:  Dwindling Divas did their best with a whopping 3 pounds lost. Week 4 was tough for all the teams. Two teams lost 0 and one team actually gained! If memory serves, week 4 included the Memorial Day weekend, which probably put a crimp in the whole weight-loss thing.
Week 5:  Phun Team resumed their losing ways with an 11-pound loss after their humiliating defeat in Week 4.
Weeks 6 and 7:  Team Lighten-Up finally gets in the action! With a 5-pound loss in each of these two weeks, they head for the final week in the lead—or at least in consecutive wins!



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