ALL-IN Excitement

E. Excellers enjoyed the ALL IN Incentive Trip and experienced not only the amazing tropical atmosphere and excitement of the Mayan Riviera, but also the incredible camaraderie and closeness of the E. EXCEL Family over the past week. They inundated Playa del Carmen and the Azul Fives Resort with their happy, enthusiastic faces! Whole families came, from grandparents to parents to children, to enjoy the time together at the all-inclusive resort.

It started with people from all over North America arriving at the resort, checking in and visiting with friends, old and new. That evening's welcome reception, a splendid poolside Mexican fiesta, welcomed everyone with gifts, entertainment, and the energy of Mexico. What a fabulous way to start this awesome trip!

The next day dawned with a trip to Chichen Itza in store for the E. Excellers. It’s Mexico in August, so it was hot and the bus ride took some time, but the tour operators made the trip memorable for the group. After spending time in Chichen Itza viewing the fascinating ruins and learning about the Mayan empire, and with a tasty Mexican lunch under their belts, the E. Excellers headed to a nearby cenote, and spent some time cooling off in the underground swimming hole.

Diamond Ambassador Jeruel Zalameda from the Philippines presented an incredible meeting. He shared how much he loves E. EXCEL North America’s powerful platform and how much it can contribute to the success of Distributors—from ordering and sponsoring on-line, to the Club of Excellence Program, to the Compensation Plan. He compared it to E. EXCEL Philippines, and said, “Even without all these benefits, people in the Philippines still build and succeed. You can, too!” The meeting ended with an open microphone for questions and answers on handling objections, and the North American E. Excellers eagerly took advantage to glean everything they could from Mr. Zalameda! Afterwards, bilingual E. Excellers took it upon themselves to translate Mr. Zalameda’s incredibly presentation into Chinese so even those who didn’t understand English could benefit from the wealth of information he shared..  

The E. EXCEL group also spent a marvelous day at the magnificent Xcaret Park experiencing the culture and nature of Mexico. They posed with native warriors, thrilled at the brilliant colors of parrots, enjoyed the cuisine of Mexico, and snorkeled in the peaceful Caribbean waters. Xcaret presented something for everyone, and everyone enjoyed the staggering diversity of fun-filled entertainment.

Crowds of E. Excellers gathered on the beach on the last day of the trip to recognize the ALL IN contest winners! The picture they presented all dressed in white against the tropical background made for some lovely snapshots that will recall great memories of this trip. The general consensus was, “It’s the best E. EXCEL trip ever!” and “I’m going to work even harder to join E. EXCEL at the 30th Anniversary Celebration next year!”

You can see more pictures of this exciting trip on our Facebook page.