Filipino Diamond Ambassador Visits North America

Diamond Ambassador Jeruel Zalameda meeting with E. Excellers in New York

Diamond Ambassador Jeruel Zalameda meeting with E. Excellers in New York

After spending time with ALL IN trip winners in Mexico, Jeruel Zalameda, E. EXCEL Diamond Ambassador from the Philippines is on a whirlwind trip across North America talking with thrilled E. Excellers in New York, Toronto, and Vancouver, BC. His message is clear and simple. “E. EXCEL North America provides everything and more to make your business fantastically successful!”

E. EXCEL North America’s EVO platform gives Distributors access to multiple customizable reports to fit their needs, online ordering and sponsoring, replicating websites to support their individual businesses and allow their customers to order as needed, and many more benefits. The Club of Excellence program adds benefits on top of that, including a 10% discount on products and other benefits.

While in Mexico, the topic of branding your lifestyle came up. The E. Excellers were told they were “guiding other people to a richer life by showing others that their dreams can come true. Take lots of pictures of this fabulous vacation and show them everywhere, to your friends and family, on social media, so others can see you living your dreams.” But you must have a dream, a goal, written down and kept in focus, and encourage all those in your organization to do the same,  otherwise life gets in the way and they forget.

He told the E. Excellers in Mexico “the only person who can stand in the way of your success is you.” He expounded on the ABCs of network marketing—Attitude, Belief, Commitment—and remaining positive in the face of negativity from others.

His presentation included the IKA virus, as he called it. Those people who respond with “I Know that Already” and aren’t open to listening and learning from others. The IKA virus attitude stops growth and keeps you from moving forward in life as well as business. “If you don’t build your own dream, someone will hire you to build theirs,” Mr. Zalameda warned!

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