E. Excellers still raving about Mexico incentive trip

On August 18, more than 150 E. EXCEL Distributors and family members arrived in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, ready for one of the best E. EXCEL incentive trips ever! The all-expenses-paid trip—aptly titled ALL IN—included lodging at the luxurious Azul Fives Resort, two excursions, round-the-clock cuisine from lands around the world, and a memorable White Party recognition event on the beach.

 “When you travel with E. EXCEL, you don’t just see the world, you experience a fuller, richer life,” said Jade Ambassador Jian Hua Niu. “Mexico was so different from the other trips. Having the recognition on the beach with everyone dressed in white was wonderful. New E. Excellers joining us for the first time on this trip were really happy and excited. They had never experienced anything like this before.”

During the trip, E. Excellers boarded buses and headed off on two different excursions: one to the Chichén Itzá Mayan ruins and a second to Xcaret eco theme park. The agenda also included invaluable training sessions conducted by Diamond Ambassador Jeruel Zalameda from the Philippines.


 “This was one of the best trips we have been to with the most wonderful people who became family in the shortest amount of time,” said Gold Master Yasmin Janmohamed. “We were welcomed to the Azul Fives resort by E. EXCEL staff with gifts and T-shirts, room keys, and the layout of the resort and all the restaurants—and there were lots of restaurants! The first day we all become friends, and the next day was an excursion, one of the best excursions we have ever been on. Both excursions were outstanding. And Jeruel provided great insight into Nutritional Immunology. We got the right attitude, belief, understanding, and commitment to be successful in the business. We thoroughly loved it and hope for more training seminars soon.”

 The trip was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. “Our whole family traveled to Mexico with E. EXCEL,” said Pearl Master Yi Li. “When we checked into the hotel, the room was so gorgeous, my mother-in-law was overwhelmed; she had never been anywhere so wonderful before. My heart is too full to explain how exciting this trip was for all of us.”

Jade Ambassador Ning Peng called the trip unforgettable and “the best one yet. We tried all different cuisines from different countries, learned about the Mayan culture, and enjoyed drifting down an underground river. I felt so happy and so satisfied, especially when we saw all the E. Excellers wearing white on the beach—so romantic and so beautiful. Plus Jeruel’s training was incredible. Just an amazing trip—everything was so perfect! Thank you so much, E. EXCEL, and all the staff who made this trip so wonderful!”

Her experience in Mexico deepened Sylvia Phan’s appreciation for the E. EXCEL opportunity. “Apart from the awe-inspiring landscape of the fabulous resort, the pools, the White Party, the sand, the awesome sunrise, the excursions, and the wonderful people we met, our adventures and experiences were more fun, more exciting than we had ever imagined,” she said. “It was such an enlightening experience to realize the diversity of our company. I met people from a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds, education levels, professions, genders, personalities, and ages. In spite of this diversity, we all share three things: a common belief in E. EXCEL, the ambition to succeed, and the courage to make it happen. I am thankful to have such a great partner as E. EXCEL—my family and I are blessed to have you in our lives.”

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