Celebrating Our E. Excellers

This month, hundreds of E. Excellers around North America gathered together to celebrate—they celebrated a new year, they celebrated their friendship, and most of all, they celebrated their accomplishments and success.


Recognizing the hard work and achievements of our E. Excellers is essential for E. EXCEL. We know we wouldn’t be here without these dedicated individuals who work tirelessly to share the vision of a disease-free world that we all believe in.

That’s why E. EXCEL is designed to inspire and reward people as they build their own businesses. Our Distributors are encouraged to achieve, moving from Master up to Ambassador, with various levels along the way. Each level includes different rewards and recognition.


Being part of the E. EXCEL family is rewarding in and of itself. Using the products; participating in meetings, training, and gatherings; meeting new friends and establishing lifelong relationships; and knowing that E. EXCEL can change lives is incredibly fulfilling and satisfying. But being able to step on stage and have a moment in the spotlight is an added opportunity to reflect on the difference E. EXCEL can make.

Congratulations to our E. Excellers who had that moment this month!



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