Elemente—A Different Kind of Skin Care


At E. EXCEL, we recognize that the way people look often effects the way they feel. So helping E. Excellers look their best can go a long way in helping them feel their best. That’s why in 2007 we launched Elemente, an extraordinary line of beauty products that contain Oxyginberry® Complex, a signature ingredient that our team of scientists and researchers point to as one of their proudest achievements.

Made of wholefood, plant-based ingredients, Oxyginberry Complex combines the antioxidant powers of ginseng berry, the cell repair and renewal capabilities of cactus fruit, and the moisturizing nutrients found in cactus with the oxidative damage-repairing abilities of grape seed, the delicate fragrance and free radical fighting Vitamin C in rose, and the rejuvenating powers of seaweed.


“The first time I used Elemente I knew something was different,” notes Mei Lin. “At first I thought it might be a psychological effect, but I kept using the products. I was amazed by the effects of E. EXCEL’s products—the results were too good to be true.”

And this happy woman isn’t alone. “I wasn’t sure if Elemente products would be any different from all the other products I tried,” observed Xiu Chen, “but I was determined to diligently try and stick to a routine. I never thought that miracles could actually happen, but after just one month of using Elemente products, my skin had significantly improved.”


The improvement can be attributed to the exclusive blend of ingredients in each of our Elemente products. Most notably, of course, are the ingredients in Oxyginberry Complex, which include the following:

·      Ginseng Berry, which helps increase hydration and elasticity of the skin while fighting signs of premature aging.

·      Cactus fruit, an excellent source of skin-nourishing nutrients that promotes cell repair and renewal.

·      Cactus, which is known to have detoxifying and anti-inflammatory properties that act as a moisturizer.

·      Grape seed, a potent source of OPC, a strong antioxidant that is effective in protecting cells against DNA damage.


·      Rose, which enhances beauty and promotes a smoother complexion.

·      Seaweed, which has amazing skin rejuvenation properties.

Each class of Elemente beauty products combines Oxyginberry Complex with other ingredients to provide a variety of protection. Whether a user chooses Radiance, Moisture Essentials, Rose Essentials, or Cactus Essentials products, they are sure to experience the best skincare for their skin type.


“When I began routinely using the products every morning and night, I discovered that my T-zone was a lot less oily,” observed May Dong. “After another week, my pimples and blemishes lessened too. After using the products for a little more than a month, it improved acne problems I had had for years—everything from blackheads to my oily T-zone worries were suddenly gone! Elemente gave me the change I wanted and made my skin younger and more resilient. Thank you, Dr. Chen Jau-Fei!”


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