The Best Test of Quality—30 Years of Trust

From the first day E. EXCEL began manufacturing products, we have been absolutely committed to safety and quality. We closely monitor every step of our production process, from the selection of raw materials and manufacturing to packaging and distribution, to ensure that the highest standards are met.

For more than a century, federal regulations have provided guidelines to ensure the quality of food. In 1967, the World Health Organization made its first attempt to define Good Manufacturing Practices, or basic guidelines for manufacturing production and quality control. E. EXCEL maintains a solid commitment to meet—and exceed—these practices with every product we provide.


Our commitment to quality includes multiple safety tests. In addition to in-house testing, E. EXCEL also sends raw materials and products to independent third-party laboratories for testing.

We begin by maintaining a safe and clean production environment to prevent contamination of raw materials, production processes. and packaging. As part of maintaining an ideal production environment, we closely monitor humidity, which affects a products shelf life and susceptibility to bacteria. At E. EXCEL, we test the moisture level of every product to ensure it meets our standards.

Because temperature is an important aspect of production and storage, we maintain stable and suitable temperatures to ensure the highest product quality. We have also installed independent water purification systems to transform water into distilled water, which we use in processing. And our automated processes reduce human contact during food production.

In addition, we conduct a specific regiment of stringent and detailed tests to ensure every EE product is safe and pure. These tests include the following:


·      Microrganisms: Our ingredients are comprehensively tested for microorganisms—including aerobic bacteria, e. coli, yeast and mold, gram-negative bacteria, salmonella, and coagulase-positive staphylococcus aureus—to ensure product safety.

·      Heavy metal: Our analysis of heavy metal is one of the most important tests conducted to ensure all raw ingredients are safe for consumption. Testing includes evaluation for mercury, copper, lead, arsenic, and cadmium.

·      Finished product testing: We inspect finished products to detect and eliminated foreign objects in products, and for correct amounts and weight.

·      Stability testing: We conduct strict tests on the stability of finished products to ensure that a product’s quality does not change through the date states on the label.

·      Unique specific assurances: We ensure the use of nongenetically modified soy in our products.

·     Careful selection of packaging material: Packaging is also a vital part of product safety. We use only stable packaging materials that meet international safety standards and do not affect the contents. We are also committed to be environmentally friendly.

For more than three decades, we have taken great pride in our manufacturing record of product purity. We work hard to keep our products safe. Perhaps the best test of our commitment to quality is the fact that, for 30 years, consumers worldwide have enjoyed and trusted E. EXCEL products. 

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