Millennium—What E. EXCEL Stands For


In 1994, E. EXCEL launched Millennium, a ground-breaking cactus juice beverage. This extraordinary product would become one of E. EXCEL’s flagship products. This single product symbolizes all that E. EXCEL has become known for throughout the past 30 years, from excellence in research and development to commitment to quality and service.


Two years later, Millennium took first-place honors for its revolutionary formula, which combined prickly pear cactus pad extract, honey, royal jelly, and natural orange and lemon flavors together into a delicious drink that people loved.

E. EXCEL recognized the potential of this wholefood product and announced Millennium Red in 1998 so people with special dietary needs could also enjoy this tasty drink. And in 1999, two U.S. patents were issued for E. EXCEL’s cactus production methods.


Through the years, new technology has also paved the way for E. EXCEL to offer Millennium in a variety of forms, including Millennium Powdered Beverage, which is great for people on the go and the newest patented technology that includes specialized cartons for easier use and freshness without preservatives.

And although Millennium was first introduced more than 23 years ago, experts indicate that cactus juice is one of the hottest trends now! So Millennium—and E. EXCEL—are leading the way!

Millennium and Millennium Red have earned a spot at the top of the list of powerful wholefood products, as well as in the hearts of people around the world who are seeking to live better, richer lives. 

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