Memories and Health—A Motivating Influence

If you haven’t got your health, you haven’t got anything.


We’re all familiar with the statement, but too often we don’t really understand what it means until we start fighting illness and disease. Then suddenly, we realize just how important our health really is.

As we look back at the past, our most challenging health struggles will vary significantly. For some, a bout of flu or a miserable cold that lasts for a few weeks might be the worst health challenge we’ve experienced, while others may have spent months or even years battling life-threatening illnesses that cause tremendous pain. Most of us likely have bad-health memories somewhere in the middle.

Regardless of how mild or serious our periods of sickness have been, those memories provide an appreciation for the times when we feel healthy and well. Ironically, we learn to treasure—and work for—good health when we don’t have it!

However, it can be just as valuable to reflect on memories of when we have felt our best. As we remember how we’ve felt during these periods of optimal health, we often find inspiration to make changes in our life to either maintain that level of health or work to recapture it.

And of course, we should remember that being healthy doesn’t necessarily mean the absence of sickness. Just because we don’t feel terrible, that doesn’t necessarily mean we’re healthy! For most of us, good health includes feeling energetic, optimistic, and happy.

At E. EXCEL, our commitment to providing better health includes offering powerful wholefood, plant-based products that provide essential nutrients that your body needs so that we can enjoy these feelings of health and well-being. In addition, we work to provide opportunities to create memories where you can enjoy and appreciate your good health, including the 1-Shape Challenge, company events and activities, and incentive trips.

Memories of past health struggles and illness—as well as memories of when we have looked and felt our best—are some of the most powerful motivators as we strive to enjoy healthy lifestyles. 

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