Visualize E. EXCEL’s Amazing Future!

This year E. EXCEL has experienced an incredible accomplishment—30 years in business! In any industry, eight out of ten new businesses fail in their first five years, and of those who do pass five years, another 80% will not make it to ten years. To not only survive, but thrive for 30 years is a rare accomplishment!

However, E. EXCEL is not focused on the past but on the future and the next 30 years. We have great expectations for the coming years! “Our products provide exactly what people are looking for today,” says Senior Vice President Gary Takagi. “Our business opportunity allows our Distributors to help others, while making their own dreams a reality. There has never been a better time to be part of E. EXCEL and to share this life-changing opportunity.”

One reason for this tremendous optimism is due to the changes in Master rank qualifications coming on January 1, 2018. These new qualifications ensure that those Distributors who are actively building an E. EXCEL business are significantly rewarded for their work and encouraged to help others in their organizations achieve more. As the saying goes, a rising tide floats all boats, and E. EXCEL is expecting a high tide in the coming year.

E. EXCEL has also updated our Leadership Power Pools to reflect a Distributor’s business performance. These new Performance Bonuses are based on an E. Exceller’s ability to out-perform previous expectations. It rewards those who meet incremental goals on their way to the highest, most lucrative, ranks in E. EXCEL.

“We hope our E. Excellers can visualize the amazing future that lies ahead for E. EXCEL,” Gary concludes. “We are on the brink of experiencing the greatest growth E. EXCEL has ever seen.”

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