Memories of a Richer Life


Little League games, piano recitals, school plays and talent shows, games around the kitchen table—just a few of the small moments that contribute so much to the satisfaction and joy of family life. How many of us have missed too many of these memory-making events in our children’s lives because of work obligations and deadlines? How many children have looked out into an audience at an afternoon school program without seeing a father or mother’s beaming face looking back at them? Being there to smile back and applaud your child’s accomplishments is one of the greatest joys of being a parent.


It’s also a large part of the richer life that E. EXCEL offers. As your own boss with an E. EXCEL business, you have the freedom to enjoy these memory-making events in your children’s lives! Never miss making a wonderful memory with your family again.


Your children will grow up with exciting memories of having you attend all their games, programs, and events, and possibly memories of taking exotic vacations with you and the E. EXCEL family as well! Memories of E. EXCEL Family Days and making friends with other E. EXCEL kids. Memories of growing up E. EXCEL. Memories that will last a lifetime!

Better health and a richer life is what E. EXCEL ia all about. Remember that! Start making rewarding memories with your family, your friends, and E. EXCEL. Share the family-friendly business opportunity E. EXCEL offers with your friends and let them see how E. EXCEL can bring them a richer family life as well.

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