Reaching Higher in 2018

“The new Master Rank Qualifications have given great expectations to all E. Excellers who want to fulfill their dreams in North America by building their E. EXCEL business,” declares E. EXCEL Ambassador and E. EXCEL North America Working Committee Member Dr. Xiuguo Zhang. This is the exciting future that E. Excellers have to look forward to in 2018! With the new Master Rank Qualifications and their focus on building volume within your business, Masters who meet the new qualifications can expect to see their commissions increase. Dr. Zhang goes on to say, “These changes focus on building a deep team, and will certainly help leaders build strong teams through supporting their Downline leaders and helping them grow stronger, which is particularly important for a stable E. EXCEL business.”

E. EXCEL initiated these enhancements for just that reason—to help Distributors build strong teams and stable businesses. A strong team is one that is built deep—4 to 6 generations deep to make the most of E. EXCEL’s Compensation Plan. These changes also encourage leaders to support and inspire those in their Downlines who want to become leaders as well, which in turn encourages the growth of a strong organization and meaningful prosperity for all.

Ambassador Daisy Kang, also a NAWC member, agrees with Dr. Zhang. “These changes are good for helping others earn money and rewarding business builders.” In fact, these improvements were enthusiastically accepted by the NAWC Committee as a great boon for business builders!

E. EXCEL has always offered a great business opportunity, and now with these modifications our business opportunity is EXTRA excellent! More and more E. Excellers will be able to reach their goals and their dreams thanks to these exciting enhancements. We look forward to a glowing future for all E. Excellers in 2018!

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