Manage your weight, manage your health

Over the years since 2009 when 1-SHAPE and 1-SHAPE Lite were introduced, E. EXCEL has held several 1-SHAPE Challenges. Many E. Excellers benefited from the various challenges by improving their weight control and maintenance routines with these two outstanding products.

What makes these products so exceptional is the incredible balance of their three main ingredients, the perfect combination to help maintain a healthy weight.

  • Soy: This unassuming bean packs a powerful protein punch that helps balance blood sugar levels, increase satiety, and require more energy to digest than fat or carbohydrates. In addition, protein helps build muscle tissue, which burns more calories.
  • American Ginseng: The North American cousin of Asian ginseng, American ginseng (Panax quinquefolia) helps maintain mental and physical performance, helps the body deal with stress, and helps support the immune system. With this energy-enhancing herb in your system, you won’t experience the weakness that is often associated with losing weight.
  • Psyllium Husk: The husk of psyllium seed is one of the most prevalent dietary fibers available today. Added to your daily diet, it helps promote regularity and overall digestive health. When you are dieting, taking psyllium husk half an hour before a meal helps you feel fuller, so you eat less.

Both 1-SHAPE and 1-SHAPE Lite contain these three ingredients. 1-SHAPE also contains a variety of fruits and vegetables for added phytochemicals, polysaccharides, and antioxidants to support your immune system while you diet. It amounts to a difference of 20 calories per serving.

E. EXCEL will be starting our 2017 1-SHAPE Challenge soon, so think about joining us to lose weight, maintain your weight, or simply feel strong, fit, and healthy with more energy. Remember, the summer months are almost here, and you’ll want to be ready for swimsuit weather. And if you’re intent on winning the 30 Strong Travel incentive cruise to Vietnam, you’ll want to be ship-shape!