Circle for Healthy Circulation

The circulatory system delivers vital oxygen our cells need to survive. It uses the heart to pump blood throughout a network of arteries, veins, and capillaries. When the circulatory system works at suboptimal levels, our cells are starved for oxygen. In addition, our immune system suffers as lymph nodes can’t dispel waste products. Although diet and exercise have proven to be the single most important factors in maintaining a healthy heart and circulatory system, genetics may override our good efforts, causing heart problems, poor circulation, high blood pressure, and cholesterol problems, leading to damaged tissues deprived of oxygen. Circle® is a balanced combination of traditional herbs used to help maintain healthy circulation.

Those who face circulatory problems have many options for improving their conditions, including those that thin the blood, stimulate the heart, and/or block enzymes involved in blood pressure regulation. However, researchers have found that everyone responds differently to these options and some may try several different approaches before finding one that safely supports their body. 

Based on the principles of Nutritional Immunology, Circle is formulated to support the entire circulatory system for long-term maintenance of healthy circulation. Ingredients in Circle support healthy coronary blood flow and efficiency of the heart tissue, conserving energy and oxygen, and lowering heart rate. Circle also helps improve blood viscosity and digestion and contains heart-healthy antioxidants.

The liver is the circulatory system’s filter, and ingredients in Circle help support the liver. Other ingredients provide beneficial fatty acids. Plant sources such as peach seed do not contain the omega-3s, EPA or DHA, but they do contain compounds the body safely converts to omega-3s as needed.

Circle combines both heating and cooling aromatic herbs to help achieve proper balance between overactive and underactive functions that affect the circulatory system. It addresses several different factors that are important in maintaining healthy circulation, such as blood viscosity and lipid composition, liver metabolism, and blood pressure. Not only does Circle help support circulatory health, it also provides nutrients such as antioxidants and fatty acids to maintain improved circulation long-term. Whether you have a family history of cardiovascular challenges, have led a sedentary lifestyle, or have always had a healthy heart, Circle® supports your circulatory system’s health safely and effectively at any age.


  • Helps maintain healthy blood viscosity
  • Helps cleanses the blood
  • Helps strengthen the heart and coronary blood flow
  • Supports healthy blood pressure levels


  • Hawthorn berry
  • Cassia tora seed
  • Chrysanthemum flower
  • Tangerine peel
  • Peach seed
  • Ginger root

Recommended Use

Adults: Take 2 or more capsules, two to three times daily.