Leading the Way—E. Excellers Share Their Thoughts about Success

This year, E. EXCEL celebrates 30 years of success! For three decades we have dedicated ourselves to teaching the science of Nutritional Immunology (providing the immune system with the food and nutrients it needs to keep our bodies healthy and strong) and providing products that contain those nutrients.

While E. EXCEL is based on the foundation of Nutritional Immunology, we are who we are today because of our strong E. Excellers—people around the world who have embraced the E. EXCEL mission and who are dedicated to helping others enjoy better health and richer lives.

These inspiring E. Excellers teach through their example how to build strong businesses and become strong leaders. Learning from them and following in their footsteps is one of the best ways to enjoy all that E. EXCEL has to offer.

E. Excellers Take Action

“When we finally understood everything that E. EXCEL could provide us and, maybe more importantly, what E. EXCEL could do for others, we found purpose in our lives,” Ambassadors Joel and Ileen Brown said. “Successful people don’t wait for things to happen; they make things happen. They don’t wait around for things to be presented to them. Nothing stops them from accomplishing their objectives. They take responsibility for their success. Successful people achieve despite the challenges they face.” 

E. Excellers Work as a Team

“Everyone knows it’s the team’s success that determines a leader’s success,” says Ambassador Jian Hua Niu. 

E. Excellers Change People’s Lives

Says Carmen, “I’m a business woman. That’s what I’ve done since coming to the United States, but I also enjoy helping people. Yes, doing business is about making money, and that’s usually not associated with helping others—some might say they contradict each other—but they don’t with E. EXCEL!”  

E. Excellers Are Persistent

“If people are hesitant, I don’t give up,” she says. “I stay in touch, send messages, and just wait. I spend most of my time with those who are ready, but I’m also ready to move forward with others when the time is right.” 

These E. EXCEL strong leaders have set inspiring examples—and have created a 30-year tradition that is worth celebrating!

Check out the Summer 2017 Excelling magazine for more inspiring quotes from E. EXCEL leaders.



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