Benefits of Strong Leadership

E. EXCEL benefits of good leadership

Strong leaders deliver great results! Whether in your family, your business, your community—wherever—good leaders make a difference.

The list of benefits that a strong leader can bring to an organization are almost unlimited, and can include everything from higher profits and lower costs to increasing efficiency and decreasing complaints. A strong leader can make these things happen—plus so much more!

Here are four of the most significant benefits a strong leader can bring to the table.

Lead Change

E. EXCEL lead change

We all know that nothing in life is more dependable than change. About the time you get comfortable with the way things are is often about the time things start to change. Strong leaders recognize that change is a constant in life, and good leaders lead change instead of letting change lead them.

Whether your organization is experiencing great success or struggling with obstacles, the ability to see what is working in today’s environment and change what isn’t working is one of the most significant things a strong leader can do.

Implement Strategy

E. EXCEL strategy

To lead change, a leader must identify and implement a strategy that will accomplish the desired change. Often there are many ways to achieve a desired result. For example, if you want to lose weight, there are a number of effective diets to choose from. Often what matters the most is consistently following the diet and not giving up.

The same is true about implementing strategy. While it is important that your strategy is based on sound principles, typically the most important part of implementing strategy is sticking to it. A strong leader will stay focused on the end goal and encourage and support those in the organization to do the same, refusing to be distracted and lose focus.

Build Stronger Relationships

Nothing is more important in an organization than relationships. Relationships are at the heart of networking; they are often the source of valuable information and insight. Built on trust, strong relationships create feelings of security, optimism, and fulfillment. Relationships are at the heart of what matters the most to us.

At E. EXCEL, we have many different relationships. The corporate office has relationships with Distributors, customers, and employees. Distributors have relationships with Downlines, Uplines, and Sidelines, in addition to the relationships they develop with customers and potential Distributors. Each of these relationships is valuable, and strong leaders work to strengthen and maintain relationships.

Develop Motivated, Cohesive Teams

E. EXCEL teamwork

Of course, a natural result of strong relationships is teams of people who work together for the good of the organization. Strong leaders can take people who respect and value each other and create teams that are united in purpose and willing to work hard to accomplish specific goals. Even though they may not always agree, they can discuss their differences, compromise, and come together.

At E. EXCEL, we are grateful for the many E. Excellers who are working hard to become strong leaders and make a difference in their lives and the lives of those they lead. We celebrate three decades of amazing men and women who have dedicated themselves to sharing E. EXCEL with others and who have exemplified what being an E. EXCEL leader is all about. 

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