Dedicated to Mothers

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This Sunday we celebrate Mother’s Day, a day dedicated to the strong women in our lives who have played such a crucial role in each of us becoming who we are. Although not all countries celebrate Mother’s Day on May 14, most countries do have a specific day dedicated to honoring these incredible women.

From the moment she holds us in her arms, Mom becomes a central figure in our lives. Research shows that the safety created in our childhood—primarily by mothers and fathers—plays a significant role in how confident we feel as adults, long after we’ve left the safety of home. When we feel loved and secure growing up, we are more willing to take risks, accept and overcome failure, and reach out to others.

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Mom also teaches us—both by word and example—how to be independent and how to believe in ourselves. When Mom sends the message that we are capable, we believe her. We learn that we don’t need others to make us happy, successful, or safe. We can accept who we are and rely on ourselves.

E. EXCEL Mother's Day gift pack

On the other hand, while Mom teaches us how to be independent, she also teaches us the importance of letting people in and loving and accepting others unconditionally. When Mom sacrifices her time and energy, often without much thanks or recognition, simply because she loves us, we learn how to do the same. We also understand that life is richer and more meaningful when love is part of it.

A well-known proverb teaches, “Fall down seven times, get back up eight.” No mother is perfect—no child is either. But from Mom we learn not to give up. We learn to get back up and try again. Mom believes in us, and so we can believe in ourselves!

While Mother’s Day is one day a year dedicated to honoring our mothers, most mothers agree that the true honor comes when they see their children living lives full of joy, love, and service. That’s the best Mother’s Day gift of all!


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