Dad Matters

Nobody needs to be convinced that dads are important—it’s pretty obvious. Almost every country and culture in the world has dedicated a special day to honor fathers (in North America, that day is this Sunday) because we recognize the tremendous value they bring to our lives.

However, in case there’s any question, literally hundreds of studies and research projects have been conducted in the past few years to prove the point—Dad matters! His involvement in our lives, the example he sets, the sacrifices he makes, the work he does—it all adds up and makes a difference.

Check out these benefits for kids who have an involved father:

Dads who interact with their babies reduce the infant’s chances of experiencing cognitive delay.

·      Kids whose fathers are involved do better with language ability

·      Kids whose dads are involved in their school and academic achievement are less likely to drop out and more likely to graduate and go on to further schooling

·      Positive father involvement decreases problem behaviors, including teen violence, delinquency, and problems with the law

·      Positive involvement increases positive children characteristic, including empathy, self-esteem, self-control, social competence, and life skills

·      Fathers who are involved with their children tend to raise children who experience more success in their careers.

And the kids aren’t the only ones who benefit! Fathers themselves benefit too! Dads who are involved with their kids report the following:

·      A more secure relationship with their children

·      Ability to cope better with stressful situations and everyday hassles

·      Greater ability to depend on others

·      More comfortable in their occupation and confidence in their job performance

·      Greater confidence in their social relationships.

E. EXCEL wishes the fathers—and all men—in our lives a happy Father’s Day and a heartfelt thanks for all they do to make life better!



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