Relationships—A Key to Your Success

Strong relationships are crucial when you are building your own business—especially a network marketing business. We simply can’t succeed in life—or business—without the help of others. Thankfully, there are some things we can do to ensure that our relationships—Customer, Downline, Upline, and Sideline—are as strong as possible.


E. EXCEL customer service

One of the single most important elements of a successful relationship with customers (or consumers) is customer service. When you focus on making sure that your customer’s needs are met, your customers will feel like you care about them; they will trust you; and they will turn to you when they are looking for the type of products or service that you offer. In the case of E. EXCEL, your customers will count on you for information about healthy and skin care products.

Excellent customer service comes from:

·      Listening closely to identify your customer’s needs

·      Helping your customers understand how E. EXCEL products can meet their needs

·      Following up with customers to see how the products worked, evaluate whether they need additional products, and express genuine concern about their well-being.


Whether they are experienced E. Excellers or new to the business, your Downline needs you to support, encourage, and lead them. They joined E. EXCEL as part of your group because they already have some level of trust in you—plus they wanted to be part of your team. Make sure you are there for them when they need you, and continue to build a relationship of trust with them.

Being there for your Downline includes the following:

·      Setting a powerful example of how to build an E. EXCEL business

·      Spending time with your Downline one-on-one to help them set goals, identify how to accomplish those goals, and encourage them as they work toward those goals

·      Recognizing your Downline—even in small ways—for the success they achieve.

E. EXCEL sidelines


Just as your Downline signed up to be part of your team, you signed up with your Upline because you wanted to be part of their team. Being supportive goes both ways, and showing your Upline respect and appreciation is for all that they do is an essential part of being a valued member of the team.

·      Communicate with your Upline by clearing explaining your expectations so they know what you need to succeed

·      Support your Upline in their efforts by attending meetings and events

·      Commit to certain behaviors and goals, then work hard to accomplish those things.


E. EXCEL Uplines

One of the most valuable benefits you enjoy as part of the E. EXCEL family is the friendships you have developed with others in E. EXCEL. Sometimes those relationships are Uplines and Downlines, but often they are with fellow Distributors with whom you share no direction association. However, the benefits that come from sharing experiences and supporting each other can be tremendous.

Developing strong sideline relationships are a natural result of doing the following:

·      Be positive and optimistic about E. EXCEL; refuse to participate in gossip or back-biting

·      Be willing to share your stories so that others may learn from your example

·      Respect the relationships other E. Excellers have with potential customers and recruits and avoid sharing E. EXCEL with those who have already been contacted by someone else.

Sharing common interests, goals, and passions is a wonderful way to create strong relationships. Your E. EXCEL relationships will make your life rich and meaningful—and you will certainly find lifelong friends within the E. EXCEL family.